5 Essentials you should carry while riding

5 Essentials you should carry while riding

New to riding? We've taken the guess work out of deciding which 5 essential items you should carry while riding your Apex.

1. Saddle Bag

Saddle bags are great for keeping your essential gear in one place, neatly stored underneath your saddle. There are a wide variety of options and price points available from your local Apex dealer.

*Tip* Consider a saddle bag with a reflective strip to increase your visibility while out cycling.

2. Spare Tube + Tyre Levers

The dreaded feeling of losing pressure in one of your wheels doesn't have to end your ride. Ensure you carry a spare tube and a set of tyre levers in your saddle bag to swap out the punctured tube.

How to change your tube --> WATCH THIS 

*Tip* Before fitting your new tube, make sure you check the tyre for thorns or sharp objects like glass or a nail, that may still be lodged in the tyre.

3. Hand-Pump

A hand-pump is crucial to get you back riding if you begin losing air pressure or get a puncture and need to inflate the new tube you have fitted. Your local Apex dealer will be able to help you choose the best hand-pump for you. 

*Tip* We'd recommend getting a hand-pump that is sold with a bracket that attaches directly to your frame so that your pump is always with you. 

4. Allen Key set 

Mechanicals and mishaps can happen anytime. Carry a multi-tool in your saddlebag so you can fix minor problems and get back to what you love ... riding your Apex!

5. Water Bottle Cage + Water Bottle 

Hydrating while riding is very important, so we recommend fitting at least one water bottle cage to your Apex and using a 500ml water bottle with either water or your favourite sports drink.

*Tip* Choose a left or right hand sided entry bottle cage to make getting your bottle in and out of the cage as easily as possible. Enquire at your local Apex dealer for more info. 

We hope this article has helped, get in touch with us if you have any more questions here

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